Love, Dharma, and the Galaxy

Available Now in digital and paperback formats.
A science fiction novel set in a post Singularity galaxy.
Includes paranormal, multi-dimensional, and Virtual Reality:
An epic tale of Dharma and Love...

   Genome Auditor Stranoff must find races of beings to repopulate the idyllic planet Falcon. The Falconians’ plan to gain immortality as virtual beings within the Brilliant Machine leads to consequences beyond their imaginings. Eerin, virtualized without her consent, navigates both worlds, but the sacrifices she must make to survive may be too dear.

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Gravitational Relativity

Gravitational Relativity
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Two C Sharp games: Bet 10 Win 100 and Life in a Pond

Bark Basic Game: Bouncing off the Walls

HTML5 Game: Precognition

Science Fiction Short Stories.

POEM: Main Base Maria

First Place winner in the National Space Society
Mars, the Next Frontier poetry contest.

Ron Bracale: Main Base Maria

Jaison is a science fiction short story that gives a glimpse of the galaxy through the eyes of a famous psych-wind player. Jaison was a trader who learned to play the psych-wind, an instrument that takes the improvisational dream forms of the performer and converts them into virtual reality dreams in the audience, As he traveled the long lonely trade routes to the ends of the human domain, he was befriended by a very advanced telepathic being and played several galactic tours, representing the human race on many worlds. (c) 1992
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Sky Glider

A science fiction short story set on a galactic class star ship about transcending beliefs and prejudices through experience. An innovative look at the potentials of future technology and human culture. A glimpse of a future humanity within the vast alien galaxy and the nature of true exploration where inner space reaches into outer space.(c) 1991
--- Only 99 cents. ---

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